RCR Framework Interpretations: Reimbursement of Agency Funds

Integrity and accountability in research are essential values of universities, colleges and other academic institutions. These values are also important to Canadians, given the significant investments made by the federal government in research, and the important contributions these activities make to our society.

Those who depend on and use research results and citizens need to know that research is conducted responsibly. When research is not conducted responsibility, and public funds are not used for the purpose for which they are awarded, the Agencies can seek reimbursement of those funds. Depending on the circumstances, the reimbursement can be requested of either the individual respondent or of the institution where the respondent was employed at the time of the breach.

Circumstances under which the Agencies may request a reimbursement of Agency funds related to a breach of the RCR Framework, include but are not limited to:

From an individual who:

From an institution, where:

The amount to be reimbursed will be determined on a case-by-case basis. In the event that reimbursement is required, the relevant Agency finance unit will work with the party responsible for the reimbursement to facilitate the return of funds.

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