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To whom it may concern,

I am writing today to provide comments on the proposed revisions to the RCR Framework (2016) on behalf of St. Thomas University.

I have reviewed the proposed revisions, and I concur that these additions and clarifications will result in a better document. The new responsibilities for researchers and institutions are appropriate and will result in improved RCR processes. I am particularly glad to see greater attention given to communication with affected parties, who may have experienced legitimate frustrations under the existing Framework. St. Thomas University is committed to our obligations under the RCR Framework and will continue to implement its procedures to the best of our abilities.

Demographic information:

  1. Province or territory: New Brunswick
  2. Affiliation: university
  3. Capacity in which comments are submitted: Associate Vice-President (Research)
  4. Main discipline: Social Sciences and Humanities

Your sincerely,

Peter Toner

Peter Toner, PhD
Associate Vice-President (Research)
St. Thomas University
(506) 460-0365 (office)
(506) 478-3161 (mobile)

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