Checklist – Institutional Cover Letter

When submitting their inquiry and investigation reports to the Secretariat, institutions must append a cover letter signed by the institution’s senior official responsible for the responsible conduct of research.

The purpose of a cover letter is to:

Cover letters should include the following elements:


Institutional Response

  • Indicate whether the institution has accepted the findings of the report.
  • Indicate whether a breach was confirmed.
  • Describe any measures that the institution has taken (if any) in response to the report, including for example, recourse against the researcher, efforts to correct the research record, new measures to improve training and education within the Institution.

Status of Appeals or Grievances (if applicable)

  • Indicate whether the Respondent filed an appeal or grievance regarding the institution’s finding or process.
  • If applicable, indicate whether the outcome of the appeal or grievance changed the findings or the recourse taken by the institution.
  • Confirm that all avenues of appeal or grievance have been completed.

If you have questions or require further assistance, please contact the Secretariat on Responsible Conduct of Research at

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