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Dear Ms. Wallace: I want to provide you with some comments on the followings:

2. Responsibility- 2.7 Appropriate oversight, training and fair treatment in the conduct of research Researchers should familiarize themselves with principles of responsible conduct of research and foster the application of these principles in their research environment. Researchers with supervisory roles should provide adequate oversight of, and training to, their trainees and staff in responsible conduct of research. Fair treatment in peer review, in performance assessment and in resolving intellectual disagreements, is essential for a healthy research environment.

Comment: i. Depending on the area of research, the requirement of appropriate oversight, taring etc., may vary. A student may need minimal to 100% training from their supervisor - which all supervisor does. To be consistent with all research students and staff, the university should take the responsibility to train new students and staff. All researchers will get the opportunity to learn the culture of other research, too – it will build institutional awareness.

2. Lack of rigour - Lack of scholarly and scientific rigour in proposing and performing research; in recording, analyzing, and interpreting data; and in reporting and publishing data and findings.

Comment: i. In my opinion, the underlined clause should not mean Perfection - errors can be made when one is being rigorous. All proposal is reviewed by experts before funds approved, so how does this clause be necessary. Maybe more clarification will be better.



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